Erol Gelenbe




Erol Gelenbe FACM, FIEEE, pioneered performance evaluation methodology for computer systems and networks while he was a research director at INRIA and professor in Paris universities. Many of his 81 former doctoral students are prominent researchers and academic and industry leaders in France, Europe, America, Africa and Asia. He invented mathematical models such as G-Networks to load balance and control large scale distributed networks. He also invented the Random Neural Network and its gradient and deep learning algorithms to model spiking neurons in brain like systems. In the early 1980’s he was co-inventor of the first voice transmission scheme using packet communications (the SYCMORE System for LMT and Thomson CSF).

Other inventions include the FLEXSIM flexible manufacturing simulation method. His current work includes Quality of service (QoS), Energy Consumption, and Cybersecurity and he served in 2016-17 as the academic contributor to recent EU recommendations on cybersecurity

He was elected Fellow of the National Academy of Technologies of France, the Royal Academy of Science, Arts and Letters of Belgium and the Science Academies of Hungary, Poland and Turkey. Erol is in the worldwide all-time Top 25 PhD supervisors according to the American Mathematical Society. His distinctions include the Legion d’Honneur of France and the Commendatore al Merito and Grande Ufficiale della Stella d’Italia of Italy.

Erol is currently the Gabor Chair Professor in the EEE Department at Imperial College London, and participates in several H2020 research projects. The Intelligent Systems and Networks (ISN) Group which he was leading was evaluated as the top research group in the top EEE Dept. in the UK, according to the 2014 Evaluation of British Universities.